Epic Games, is a neat game developer, digital PC library with a solid games store.

Chances are you own a smartphone, one of the top three consoles, and/or a Windows or Mac OS computers. If my estimation is correct, you, your child(ren), someone you know have heard of Fortnite, heck they may be playing it on their Nintendo Switch right next to you — no that is not a plug, though we do love you, Nintendo and your Switch console.

Now, Fortnite is always free, unless you count the microtransactions within the games. This week however Epic Games the now gaming giant, turned Steam imitator is giving away a few games and whether you own the games or not, you may as well take advantage of their free status.

Hitman: Standard Edition (2016) and Shadowrun Collection will be available starting this morning (8/27) at 8 AM PST and available until 9/3 at 8 AM PT.

You’ll be able to add both games to your library, add DLC (downloadable content) if you wish, and as long as Epic Games is up and running you will own and be able to play for a lifetime.

Make sure you grab this deal before it ends and while some of the free games are better than others, don’t forget to come back later this week to see what epic games, that Epic Games will be releasing in the future.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment on what you think about the free games, value for the games or just to troll us. Have a rad one, dads!