August and everything after

Nothing in what I am about to say, has anything to do with the Counting Crows, except this: their debut album — phenomenal. If you have Amazon Prime and haven’t heard anything but Mr. Jones, give it a listen.

Now that I have thrown you that sweeping curve, back to it.

Not sure about the general population, but here in nerdville, free is awesome, and anything free, that is also awesome, is awesomer than most. Augusts free games do not disappoint. Well, except one thing: a virtual PS Vita and PS3 isn’t available on PS4. Maybe one day, a kid (at heart) can dream.

If you don’t have a PlayStation console, I am not sure why you are reading this and just in case, we will link to one at the bottom of the page. Get yourself one.

PS Plus Free Games August Score 5

After that is squared away you’ll have to have a PS Plus (PlayStation Plus) Subscription. Luckily there happens to be four ways to get one. 1. Free 14-day Trial. 2. $10 for 1-month. 3. $25 for 3-months. 4. $60 for 12-months.

Now that is over and done with here is a list of the games that will be available between 8/7 (8 AM PT) and 10/2 (8 AM PT):

*Hoping there is more to come between August and October, you know, in that month named September. LagDads will keep you up to date.

As if that wasn’t enough


Update: 8/7 – The below games are no longer available

July’s free games are still available until 8/7 (8 AM PT):





Dead by Daylight, Heavy Rain, Mafia III and Serious Sam 3 BFE will have you playing for days on end and all for free — assuming of course you have borrowed a PS4 and at the very least have a 14-day free trial of PS Plus.

See you next month…hopefully. #GetItTogetherSony