Sonoma Cider The Jax review

The world of cider may not be as vast like ales, spirits, wines, it does have a following of it’s own and seems to be growing each and every year.

With said growth of Cider and it’s popularity it’s no longer for those who can’t stomach other libations or are simply allergic to gluten and grain.

The Jax (gluten free) is proof that apple, pear and other fruits aren’t just carbonated beverages we consume during the holidays for kids to enjoy whilst toasting.

These drinks are as different as they are numerous and it’s got us at LagDads pretty excited. Here is our Sonoma Cider The Jax review


Cider Review Score 4.5

Poured into a snifter/tulip/wine glass from a 12oz bottle

Look –  Mostly translucent copper/straw/orange, with a slight and quickly dissipating bright white head and sugar legs that quickly go as the glass is set down.

Smell – Bright and crisp sweet apples; with a hint of tart, sweet grains, cinnamon, sugary, clean bready yeast, fresh water, notes of oak, green earth and more caramel-cinnamon-apple-sweet-goodness.

Taste – Sinfully tart yet sweet apple hits first, cinnamon, hints of caramel, lightly toasted grain, a semi-dry champagne style yeast, the booze notes aren’t very noticable, notes of apple jacks and fruity pebbles, baked apples, crisp water, sweet flowers and a slight citrus hop like note.

Body – Medium minus body, simple balance and complexity, medium minus carbonation, medium acidity and a really nice sweet/tart from start to finish

Overall (Drinkability) – With a name like Breakfast Cereal; I had no idea what to expect, if it would work as a cider, it works, this cider is really phenomenal.

Lots of flavor, easy to drink, refreshing, simple, not too sweet, I’d say the level of sweetness is near perfection.

This cider is does two things; shows you how great cider can taste, how apples, grains and yeast can remind you of childhood and your favorite cereals. Perfect with appetizers like cheese, crackers and nearly anything barbecued.

Final thoughts – Not sure on the price as it was a gift, often ciders in a four pack cost anywhere between $8-15 (sometimes upwards of $30).

6% ABV is normal for ciders. The Jax is one of the best ciders I have had to date and need to try this on draft.


A note from and about Sonoma Cider


Our story officially began in 2013 through a unique father and son partnership. Sharing an entrepreneur’s curiosity and deep passion for beverages, David and Robert Cordtz set out to reinvent the cider category.

David, a celebrated cidermaster and winemaker, has had a nearly lifelong passion for beverages made from naturally grown and harvested ingredients. He has been lauded for his highly refined palate and ability to create unique and high quality flavor profiles.

His son, Robert, has been learning the business of beverages from his veteran father for as long as he can remember. In creating Sonoma Cider alongside his father, Robert brings a fresh perspective, a knack for creating things, and is fond of questioning the status quo.

As VP Operations and Cidermaker, Robert’s creative streak keeps his dad on his toes as he is constantly infusing new approaches and ideas to the business. Together they make Sonoma Cider, anything but run of the mill.


Brewed by: Sonoma Cider

Availabilty: Limited (Rotating)

ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 6%

Style: Malted Cider


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