August is for summers

If you own an Xbox Original, this article is not for you, unless you’re looking to buy and Xbox 360 or an Xbox One. If you aren’t looking to buy, make sure you “borrow” your friends, he won’t mind, probably.

Games with Gold is something all Xbox Live Gold members look forward too, each month. Sometimes the games are free and that alone is a reason to own them, and then there are times like August to get excited.

With four titles for August and one still lingering from July, it’s time to claim what is rightfully ours, or our roommates, and for us Dad’s; it may simply be our kids console, but mostly communal.

Games with Gold Aug. 2018 4.5

Make Games with Gold a monthly tradition

Xbox Live Silver will not suffice for this mission, so you’ll need to step up to Gold: 12-month subscription ($60), 3-month subscription ($25) and a 1-month subscription ($10) and if you’re the uber frugal Dad, you can ask a friend, your child or the internet for a 2-14 day free trial code.

Xbox Live Gold: August Games with Gold

Here are the games, make sure to get them before they are gone:

Month in, and month out

One thing with this months games that may become a problem; after playing Dead Space 3 (not around the little ones) you’ll be afraid of the dark and need to buy or rent the first and second ones as well. Spoiler alert, you won’t wreck the series playing it 3-1-2, though from beginning to end is best.

Kids will love the fast pace, vast world of Forza 2 and can build some much needed teamwork skills with Epic Mickey: 2. So, fire up those consoles, desktops or laptops, sign up or in and get nerding.