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Man-Cave Must-Haves

Man-Cave Must-Haves

Get what you need to have an awesome (but affordable!) Man-Cave!

Family Friendly Game Reviews

Family Friendly Game Reviews

See our favorite Family Friendly Games you can play with your kids!

Elysian Brewing Space Dust IPA review

Elysian Brewing stuns with this awesome IPA. Categorized as an APA, this beast will give you visions of Imperial and DIPA traits in all of its hoppy glory. LagerDads breakdown all the details.

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How to Find Time to Play With My Kids

By the time we’re done eating dinner, reading books, or cleaning something, and the kids are asleep (or just quiet enough for us to ignore them) and my wife and I are toast. And that’s why it’s so important for me to find time to play with my kids.

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Good Cheap Gaming Headsets

If you’re looking for Good Cheap Gaming Headsets we have a few options for you that won’t break the bank! Awesome Gaming Headphones at great prices, reviewed just for you.

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Family Friendly Game Reviews

Anyone can review a video game, but LagDads is your number one resource for game reviews for dads and their families. Looking to get away for a bit? Check out our Dads section. Want to share the gift of gaming with your kids? Check out Family. We even feature Family Friendly Game Reviews with easy to understand ratings so you can see at a glance what games are best for your household.

Man Cave Must Haves

Man Cave Must Haves™

LagDads will help you build the ultimate modern Man Cave, filled with smart and comfortable solutions. Control your devices from your phone, build your own HTPC (Home Theater PC), watch TV on your laptop, all on a budget. Plus, maybe you’re tight on space and can’t use a whole room. We’ll help you build the best Man Cave in a shared room, a garage, on a bookshelf, or even hide it in plain sight! Check it out.

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