Badasheng Gaming Headset BDS-939P

$25.80 $23.80

Affordable Badasheng Gaming Headset (BDS-939P) has great quality for under $25! Get into the game without getting into your wallet.


This set of headphones offers great quality at a killer price! The Badasheng Gaming Headset boasts a detachable microphone, soft fabric ear cups, in-line audio controller, and they’re less than $25. I mean, when it comes right down to it, that’s the reason to look at these. They work well and they’re cheap. Cheaper than most A titles. Cheaper than a new controller. Cheap enough to have $25, get these, and still have money left for snacks.

Here are all of the awesome things you can do with the money you SAVE by getting these headphones:

• Two cookies at Subway
• A candy bar
• Finger nail clippers
• Anything from any Dollar Menu
• Start an early retirement fund
• Buy .3 gallons of gas
• Fold an origami bow-tie

See all the fun you can have with these bad boys? I especially like the part where they’re less than $25. But let’s be real. The Badasheng Gaming Headset aren’t for everyone. They don’t have a cup holder or free WiFi. They won’t do your taxes for you, or mow your lawn. They won’t even block out the sound of self doubt you often have. But I’ll tell you what they will be. They will be less than $25. Take that, Banks.

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