Space Dust IPA by Elysian Brewing: A Review

While I think of myself as a beer nerd and, while I have known “of” Elysian Brewing for quite sometime, I can’t say I have ever had Space Dust IPA (before today) or any of their beers — at least that I can recollect.

After cracking a bottle of Space Dust IPA open I am hoping I never knowingly passed on this or any of Elysian’s beers. If I have well, that is a real bummer. Why you ask? It is because Space Dust IPA is one of the better beers, and even more, IPA’s I have ever had.

I won’t say it isn’t different but, I won’t say it is wildly different. Though for an APA (American Pale Ale) this is a beast of an ale and, has some serious traits that DIPAs (Double IPA) and Imperial IPAs have — you won’t see to many APAs that are near, let alone above 8% ABV (alcohol by volume) generally speaking.

The Space Dust IPA (or APA, I guess) has attributes of west coast and English IPA alike. The only reason one would be disappointed by this beer is if hops was or is not your “your thing’.

LagerDads Score 4.5

The Review

Poured into a snifter/tulip/wine hybrid glass

Look – California orange/gold/copper sunset with a near one-finger barely off-white head and some velvety legs/lacing

Smell – Fresh water, fresh hops, fresh malt/grains, the yeast is very west coast with an English twist, the sugar is very simple/clean, the hops are bright/smooth with a nice citrus-to-pine-to-floral ratio, juicing oranges, the citra is in your face but in an awesome way and the booze I can safely say is scarcely to be found on the nose.

Taste – Pine, citrus rind, and cracker yeast up front, then comes the sweet, dry, and toasted/roasted malts, the hops dance on your tongue the entire time, orange, some grapefruit, soil minerals, the hops are very sticky, huge bitterness, very clean, very fresh, crisp water, grassy, slight dank, the booze is sneaky and very earthy.

Body – Full bodied, well balanced, nice complexity, medium carbonation, medium plus acidity and a hop bomb of a finish.

Overall (Drinkability) – Very refreshing, very clean, smooth, tasty, and over the top on hops, I mean this thing is loaded with ’em. Anti-hop-heads need not apply, seriously. This one has become a favorite of mine and would drink this everyday if they could keep it in stock at my local bottle shop. While the malt and yeast play an intricate role, the hops are the star and they do not disappoint. Well played Elysian, well played.

Final thoughts – Perfect for everyday, especially when considering the 8.2% ABV and the $10-11 price. You really can’t go wrong here, unless of course you hate hops, than you can go very wrong with this beast. Not suitable for aging, drink fresh.

A note from the Brewer

The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo.

Brewed by: Elysian Brewing

When available: Year-round

ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 8.2%

Style: APA (American Pale Ale)


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