Doesn’t matter if you’re apart of the 1% or the 99%. Throwing down $50 or more on a game that is anything less than acceptable — is at the very least irritating.

Demos can somewhat help to appease this affliction. Streaming services such as PS Now may suffice for some — though you can only stream each game and there is no “try and buy” as it were. Christopher Walken said it best “I got a fever and the only prescription is a better video game rental service” or something to that effect. Here at LagDads we may only have a PhD is nerdery but we’ll write you a script for GameFly.

Don’t forget our reviews can help just as much if not more.

In 2002 GameFly was launched and for good reason. NetFlix had been a smashing success for nearly five years — a video store to your door if you will and it was a beautiful thing. No more dealing with local high school kids who didn’t want to be at their job or anywhere for that matter, leaving your house just to find out that the last copy of ‘Titanic’ had just been checked out, no more calling to see if anyone had returned a copy of ‘Good Will Hunting’ and of course if you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s you most likely frequented the local video store for video games and not just movies alone.

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NetFlix was without intention alienating a growing industry (gaming) in the entertainment world and GameFly jumped to correct that error. Gaming boomed in America during the late 80’s with the launch of the ever popular NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Even your Mom knew what Nintendo was — remember the days when any console be it the original NES or your prized PlayStation was adorably referred to as a Nintendo by her? That is how popular gaming was becoming and it hasn’t stopped since.

GameFly in 2015 is your one-stop-shop for all any and all video game and now movie rentals. Yes, you can rent anything from Nintendo DS games to your favorite Blu-ray film and all things in between.

The subscription based service offers four options and a one-time try before you buy 30-day risk free trial offer. One-disc at a time is $15.95 a month and four discs is $36.95 a month. Two discs runs $22.95 and three out at a time is $29.95 a month. All rates have applicable taxes and a Debit/Credit card is needed for subscription

Along with unlimited (one to four discs out at a time) game rentals per month you can also buy used games, keep a rental you have out and pre-order upcoming games.

Buying used games is as simple as it sounds. Have a GameFly subscription, buy games at a ‘discounted’ price. Keeping a game is just as simple. Have a game out (in your queue) that you like, click ‘keep’, follow the simple instructions and it’s yours — GameFly will send you the case and any codes, stickers or other paperwork that came with the original packaging. Pre-ordering games is just that. Pay for an upcoming title and wait for it to come in the mail. Usually on Tuesday or soon there after.

Bonuses come with your subscription as well. There are three levels. Level one: Three months subscribed get $5 off any used title. Level two: Six months subscribed $5 off any used titles and 5% off any used games. Level three: 12 Months subscribed $5 off any used title and 10% off all used games and every three months after that get $5 off any used game.

Other ‘bonuses’ come with a subscription as well flash sales, mobile and desktop apps, free mobile game of the day and a refer-a friend-program that will give you a month free for every person you refer to GameFly and signs up after the trial period.

Customer service is top notch. If you get the wrong game, the game received is broken or hasn’t arrived on time GameFly will send you another copy of the same game out as soon as you report it using the GF website. Sometimes just for having a certain amount of games in your ‘Queue’ GameFly gives away three month, six month and 12 month free subscriptions.

No service comes without it’s faults and while GameFly and it’s services are top notch, you can run into a few glitches. For instance, if you don’t put a ‘Coming Soon’ in your ‘Q’ as soon as possible, you may be waiting an extended period — this of course depends on the popularity of each game. Another problem can arise if you don’t tell GF Customer Service about a lost, not arrived or broken game within a certain time frame or they will charge you for said game — you do get one ‘warning’ before actually getting charged the second time.

Delivery times have improved year after year. Though if a game has a ‘medium availability’ (or a lower availability) whilst in your Q, you may have an issue receiving the game in a timely fashion. At the same time if a game is anything above medium you can and will receive your game within a 2-3 business day window.

Shipping preference can be changed at anytime and with three options. Ship next available title (default), hold my Q up to three days for my highest ranked , released title and hold my Q up to seven days for my highest ranked , released title. These options will not affect shipping time but, will affect the time frame in which a game or movie is sent and then received.

GameFly also offers a streaming service that is available on Amazon Fire TV for use with the Xbox 360 and Logitec F-310/F-710 controllers.

There you have it. GameFly’s website is easy to navigate. Thousands of games and movies to buy or rent (new and used), a subscription price that can be stomached, nice delivery times, palatable availability and enough perks to keep you happy.

It doesn’t and can’t replace your favorite place to shop online or in a store for all things nerd but, as far as renting games goes, GameFly sets the standard.

Give GameFly a try here. (30-day free trial)