Glassware used – White/red wine glass

Look – A deep brick red/brown, half finger light tan head and some sticky lacing

Smell – Bread yeast, Serious funk, Unripe cherries, Wet wood, Sour (or not yet ripe) grapes, Lots of grain malts, Sour grass flower, Apple (tart and sweet), Slight earth hop note and some very light fruit notes

Taste – Sour Cherries/Grapes/Raspberries, French/old world wine (and their barrels), Oak, Lemon, Belgium and bread yeast, lots of awesome funkiness and all around mouth puckering.

Body – Full/medium body, balanced, nice complexity, perfect carbonation, medium plus acidity and from start to finish a wonderful ale/sour.

Overall (Drinkability) – Very tasty, very refreshing, unique and just overall delicious! This is an all year, all weather anytime, any day, open up straight away or age. Just flat out impressive.

Final thoughts – While this is an amazing experience, the price is a bummer, I can’t remember the first year I had a La Folie, somewhere around 2008-09, however, I do remember it was $8 for a 22oz bomber, now it is $16 — twice the price? I only pick up one, instead of many and that is completely unfortunate, yet seems to be the way the craft is headed. The abv (alcohol by volume) at 7% is just perfect.

Beer Review Score 5


A note from the Brewer:

A base beer is fully fermented, filtered and then moved to barrels at room temperature (no carbonation). Barrels are aged for 1-3 years and it’s a blend of 2 Oscar barrels: Acidifying and aging gives it its complex tart aromas and flavors. We taste barrels every three months and then blend different foeders with different flavor profiles and ages together at different percentages to make a complete single sour brown that is decidedly La Folie.

Brewed by – New Belgium Brewing company, Fort Collins, Colorado.

When available – Yearly/Seasonal (22 oz bottles only)

ABV (Alcohol By Volume) – 7%

Style – Flanders and reddish/brown ale