Glassware used – Wine/Snifter/Tulip glass

Poured from a 12oz bottle

Look – Pours a very bubbly deep licorice black, with a half finger super bubbly dark brown head that dissipates very fast.

Smell – Anise, vanilla, wintergreen, very herbal and a hint of bread yeast

Taste – Sugar, wintergreen, vanilla, anise, desert spices, slight booze note and has a very light chocolate undertone as it warms.

Body – Medium plus bodied, well balanced, simple complexity, medium minus acidity, highly carbonated and a sugary root-beer from start to finish taste.

Overall (Drinkability) – Not Your Father’s Root Beer is very drinkable minus the sugar levels. Very refreshing, goes down quite well but, as I said the sugar is very prevalent — it makes the ale extremely thick. If the sugar level was toned down this would be an awesome everyday ale. However you can enjoy this one in any weather and any time of day. You may only want to have one or two to avoid going into a sugar coma but you’ll enjoy the ride all the way there.

Beer Review Score 4.5

Final thoughts – A sixer is quite high at $13 — seems extremely high especially considering the very general 5.9% ABV. If you like root-beer and alcohol, this is a pretty neat experience.


A note from the Brewer:

Kovac passed down his family’s beer making tradition by working tirelessly with his son to craft the first version of “Not Your Father’s Root Beer.” At 10% ABV, the silky, smooth and satisfying finish is unmatched in flavor. It appeals to craft beer aficionados as well as those who don’t typically drink beer but crave something unique.

The award-winning “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” achieved a 95 rating from Beer Advocate and is a very popular choice at several Chicagoland bars. Small Town’s personally delivered “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” kegs consistently sell out at taverns across the Chicago area.

As Small Town Brewery continues to roll out new craft beers, Kovac is intent on providing the beer loving public with unique flavors that continue his family’s beer-making tradition. Available on draft and in bottles.

Brewed by: Small Town Brewery

When available: Year round (5.9% ABV). Limited release for the 10% ABV version

ABV (Alcohol by Volume) – 5.9% – 10% (19% is actually named “Not Your Grand Father’s Root Beer)

Style – Herbal/Spiced ale