Accessorize Your Everything

If you’re picking up a TV, that’s great! You’ll still need some other stuff to get going right away, especially if you want to get away from that nasty cable bill and cut the cord. Depending on the brand and model you get, you my not need some of these items, but this is your Man Cave we’re talking about. You don’t want to be tinkering with it forever, so let’s get it right the first time. If you don’t yet have the TV of your dreams yet, take your time, figure out what you want, and find some deals. But to those who are about to go Man Cave spelunking, we salute you!

Here is our short list of some of our favorite Must Haves for any Man Cave trying to cut the cord. Each of these items are great for your Man Cave


First things first, you need a cord (Great segue, right?). But in order to cut to cord, you will still need a few. Don’t fall victim to one of the oldest tricks in the New TV Owner’s Guide to Not Getting Hosed (It’s a real book. By the same author as How To Life and Other Mysteries). DO buy an HDMI cable. DO NOT spend more than handful of dollars on it. Many big box retailers will only offer golden dipped emerald encrusted HDMI cables for the down payment of a horse. But they fascinating bit of science is it doesn’t really matter. What you’re buying in those cases are bragging rights to the most expensive per square inch cable. But technically speaking, you can find the same resolution, framerate, and quality in an affordable HDMI cable.

Instead, we recommend the AmazonBasicsHigh-Speed HDMI Cable. Starting at under $5 you can grab a 6 foot cable with exceptional quality and no diamond-bedazzled price!

Cut the Cord - Channels

Cut The Cord

If you didn’t already pick up a Smart TV, or you’re like me and have a great TV you bought a while ago, one of the easiest ways to get streaming is with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. This inexpensive little device plugs into an HDMI port and instantly turns that screen into a Smart device. Full of streaming services like Hulu, and Netflix, it also has the ability to stream live TV. Not to mention a few other features like preferred watching memory and the mobility of such a small item! For those looking to save money but retain the conveniences of a Smart TV, a Fire TV Stick is the next best option. Plus it’s always available well under $50.

But sometimes we just can’t escape the allure of basic cable. 1byone 35 Miles Super Thin HDTV Antenna is a sleek way to solve that problem for just a few bucks. You simply plug it in and scan for channels. Easy set up, great price, and live TV this is an epic way to stop paying for basic cable.

Then again, maybe you want even more channels. The ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna has 150 Miles Range and 360° Rotation. This means that this device will pick up broadcasts from up to a couple hours away on the freeway. You can change the direction with an included remote, and a few other features help your channel surfing. The catch to this one is installation. To benefit from all of these free channels, you’ll have to set this antennae up. It doesn’t have to be outdoors, although between you and me I would definitely recommend it.

Cut the Cord - Audio & Beyond

Cut Even More Cords

Ever wish you could cut the cord to your audio? I’m not talking about EarPods, I mean the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range & Built-in Mic, Dual-Driver Portable Wireless Speaker with Low Harmonic Distortion and Superior Sound. That’s a mouthful! This device will take your bland sound and relocate it anywhere you want. Plus it will make your bass richer and your songs clearer. The best part is, it will work with almost any device, especially if you have a…

Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter / Receiver. I hardly knew how something so simple could make such a big difference. This Bluetooth transmitter by TaoTronics basically makes any old analog device into a wireless one. That means you can listen to your records in the next room with Bluetooth sound. Your old TV or retro video game system can also benefit from Bluetooth speakers. I got this to stream Spotify from our bedroom TV into a different room, without the use of a phone. This is a great tool for decluttering your life and really helps cut the cord as well!

Finally, I wanted to amp it up a bit and talk about something a little less known. The Echo Dot is a fantastic little device that works as a smart device, remote control, and concierge in one. While you can task it with mundane (but fairly awesome) things like ordering a pizza, the Echo Dot can also control just about anything else. With the help of some smart devices, the Echo Dot can dim the lights, start some music, and set the mood for eating that pizza it just ordered.

While I personally don’t mind setting our thermostat the old fashioned way I really liked Amazon’s Echo. It only brushed the surface of customization. I’m excited about the prospects of having a ‘Smart Home,’ or just a ‘Smart Cave’. Echo Dot is brand new, has better functionality, and is that much closer to automating even more. We recommend the Dot to those brave souls looking to up their Man Cave game a bit with the latest tech.

Cut The Cord: Summary

There are a ton of ways you can prepare your Man Cave (and home) for a cord free existence. Really, the name of the game here is efficiency. How can you best retain a good entertainment experience while just paying for internet? What are the easiest, most affordable ways to get there? Some of the tools above we have used and love in our homes. All of them are valuable assets in lowering your monthly bills and curating the kind of entertainment experience you really want. Fewer ads, more capability, less cost. It has it all.

If you think of something we missed, or would like to weigh in, leave a comment below, or contact us.