All Man Caves are different. Some are an elaborate thesis on masculine interior design. Most are a nook or cranny of your already cramped living quarters. The only thing they should be is yours. A bastion of comfort in a battlefield of a LEGO minefield. We’ll eventually get into some of our favorite types of Man Caves in a different post. Today I wanted to start with one of the basics that all Man Caves must have: A good TV. Sometimes it’s hard to find TV deals when it isn’t Black Friday, so we’ve put together a short list of amazing & affordable TVs you can grab for you Man Cave (or Man Corner) today!

Man-Cave Must-Haves: TV Deals

The Smart Solution

Let’s assume you want an affordable, convenient, high quality TV. Nothing too gaudy, but something that will kill a few birds with one remote. You’ll definitely want to check out the TCL 32″ 720p Roku Smart LED TV. In addition to all of the benefits of having a custom Smart TV dashboard on your TV, this item will fit comfortably in any space and is easy to afford at well under $200. While this system isn’t top of the line, it’s still got to be like, top of the page. What it lacks in the most cutting edge tech, it makes up for in convenience and cost. I actually own this TV and while it isn’t our go-to for newly released movies, it’s by far our go-to ‘stream-and-fall-asleep’ solution.

TV Deals - Samsung 40"

The Crowd Pleaser

Maybe you want something a little bigger, and a little better. A little spendier too, but that’s to be expected. With the Samsung 40″ 1080p Smart LED TV you get the quality from a brand like Samsung (I also have a Samsung and love it) as well as the functionality of a Smart TV. This backlit TV boasts a 1080p picture, better sound, and everything you’d expect (ports, wi-fi, etc). And those 8 extra inches really to make a difference in viewing size, improved resolution not withstanding.

This will sit nicely in any room (save for a echoey convention room) and will fit on almost any entertainment center. One of the best parts is right now this TV is under $300, making it a steal. For my Man-Cave I would consider going a little bigger, but this is by far one of the most affordable TV Deals I was able to find, making it a pretty great addition to any cave.

TV Deals - iRulu Projector

The Unconventional

This TV system may take you a little longer to set up, but it clearly takes the cake in the ‘Go Big or Go Home’ cake eating contest. (Is that how it goes? That’s probably how it goes.) The iRulu 1080p Projector brings up to 200″ of amazingness to any space, is incredibly compact at only 4.8 pounds, and super bright at 2600 lumens. At only $170 that’s incredibly good as far as TV deals go. With this you can use a wall or any flat surface as your TV, however for best, least ghetto results you should probably also chip in for a Projection Screen.

This (pseudo) TV deal is best suited for larger spaces, but is ironically compact. This means it can remain undetected until you want to watch or play. All in, you still aren’t breaking the bank and this can be a really tasteful solution.

TV Deals - LG 55" TV

The Bank Breaker

Okay, the LG 55″ 1080p Smart LED TV isn’t really a bank breaker, but it’s the most expensive TV we’re going to review in this list. You could always go for one of these, but I’d honestly recommend something less cutting edge for a much better price. But I digress. This LG system is big. One of the two TVs I have is 55.” If it were any larger it would be intimidatingly monolithic. Contrary to popular belief, that is NOT the best viewing experience. (Imagine sitting in the front row of a movie theater.)

And while I could talk about it’s Triple XD Engine, ENERGY STAR rating, or anything else, the biggest thing this TV has going for it is, well, its size. Of all these TV deals, this one may be the most tempting (for me anyway). It’s got the latest tech inside, and a size that really owns the room. Plus, for a limited time it looks like you can grab one of these for under $500. And while none of these TVs require a wall mount, this one may benefit the most from it. Expect another $30 for the right mount.

TV Deals - Fire HD 8

Honorable Mention: The Man Trench

Like I said, not all Man Caves are alike. Some of you may not even have the space (or budget) for some of these TVs. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out, either. The Fire HD 8 is currently one of the highest quality, affordable tablets you can find. Starting at about $90, this 8″ device has 16 GB of storage, stereo speakers, a crisp display, and 12 hours of battery life.

When you consider it plays seamlessly with features like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it’s a thing of beauty. Not to mention it’s compatible with Adobe Flash, making streaming a breeze. I almost didn’t include this since it’s not a TV. Then again the point of all this was having access to a nice quality screen for gaming and watching. While the Fire HD 8 doesn’t work with a console, it does have access to Amazon’s app store.

I;ll be frank with you. I have last year’s model of this thing. I use it every. single. day. For me, it’s replaced books and I read even more than I used to. But many nights I also end up watching The Walking Dead or Star Trek TNG because our other TVs are in use. Even with two TVs I use this device on the reg and I recommend it highly to any dad with a bit of ADD like myself.

TV Deals: Summary

While not all TVs are made alike, the point is to help you find the TV that’s right for you. These are just some ideas to encourage you into the right direction. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find excellent TV deals