Then there were three…Epic Games and their sometimes epic AAA-title-sneak-it-in-at-the-last-minute-giveaways

Wednesday night Epic Games site had Railway Empire and Where The Water Tastes Like Wine were available until the next morning and Stick It to the Man! would be available when the previous two expired.

Lo and behold when the clock struck 8 AM, Epic Games pulled a fast one and added Watch Dogs 2 and Football Manager 2020.

While it isn’t 2016 anymore, Watch Dogs 2 is a solid game and to add a game that isn’t even a year old yet to boot, a “thank you kindly” is in order.

If you haven’t played the original Watch Dogs, you won’t be lost and the cast of characters, are exactly that, characters.

One thing is for sure, you haven’t seen San Francisco so pretty, and clean to boot in years.

Football Manager 2020 definitely reaches a more niche market, but if you enjoy sports in the slightest you will enjoy this sim and Stick It to the Man! is a super neat looking platformer.

All three games are available until 9/24/20 at 8 AM and right now when they go back to their usual prices, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition will be available.

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